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January 28, 2015 • Driving Tips

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The UK experienced its first widespread bout of winter weather last week, closely followed by reports of the traffic turmoil many have come to expect at the first flurry of snow. But as a nation internationally renowned for our woesome weather, why are we seemingly so unprepared for the ice and snow compared to others, and are we as drivers just as responsible as the roads?

A recent survey found only one in three (32%) UK drivers prepare their car for winter conditions, yet nearly one in five have broken down as a result1. Just a few simple checks and precautions can ensure you are not left out in the cold.

Keeping your Mercedes-Benz equipped with a few essentials, such as an ice scraper and extra screen wash, is a small undertaking that really can make a big difference when the cold weather hits.

Making sure you are prepared can improve safety on the roads considerably, winter tyres can shorten braking distance on a snowy road by up to 50%2, but the statistics show only one in 10 drivers actually use them1. For many of us snow is fleeting, rarely playing havoc on our roads, however rain and low temperatures can seem relentless and winter tyres will ensure improved grip and safety whatever the colder weather throws our way.

Taking the time to carry out regular checks is essential, but for extra peace of mind why not ask your local dealership about our Service Care plan, available for all Mercedes-Benz owners ensuring your vehicle is in prime condition whatever the weather. Our trained technicians will be happy to advise how best to further prepare vehicles for winter and are currently offering 50% off cold weather tyres and wheels. Click here to find out more.



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