Winter tyres – are they worth it?

October 28, 2014 • Driving Tips

Winter tyres

A debate that always comes round at this time of year is whether it’s worth fitting winter tyres to your car.

In European countries that experience harsher winters than we do here in the UK, it is common, or even compulsory, for drivers to keep a set of specialist winter tyres.

Road safety organisations recommend them but can the cost be justified? These FAQs will help you weigh up the pros and cons for yourself:


Q – Do winter tyres make a difference?

A – Yes, they will give you up to three times the grip of regular tyres when driving on snow and ice.


Q – How do winter tyres work?

A – They use a rubber compound and tread pattern specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures (below +7C).


Q – Can I just fit winter tyres to the two driving wheels?

A – No, winter tyres must be fitted in sets of four. Fitting just one pair could affect the balance and stability of your car.


Q – Is it worth fitting winter tyres to a 4×4?

A – Yes, tests have shown that 4×4 owners will also benefit from extra traction.


Q – Can I use winter tyres in the summer?

A – Winter tyres are not really suited to use all year round. Regular summer tyres will give you better performance when temperatures are higher and roads drier.


Q – Will fitting winter tyres affect my car insurance?

A – There should be no need to inform your insurer if the tyres fitted are of the right specification for your vehicle.


Q – How much do winter tyres cost?

A – Depending on the make, roughly the same as standard tyres. If you don’t have a garage, you should also consider the storage costs.


All our dealers will be happy to advise Mercedes-Benz owners on the correct winter tyres to fit to their vehicle. Click here to find out more.

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