Valuation celebration

January 5, 2016 • Approved Used, Mercedes-Benz, News, Promotions, Used Cars

Dblog 1id you know that 48% of people research buying their new car online for more than a month? And that understanding finance was one of the four most frustrating things about buying a new car?

We’ve tried to make the process easier. To help you get the best deal, you can value your current car on our website:


Driving forward

Of course, after the valuation comes the real fun, choosing your new Mercedes-Benz. Again, our website makes it easy, if you can’t make it to the dealership and you’ve got a question, you can chat to a member of our staff online, or just give us a call.


Everything into account

A car is more than just metal and miles. That’s why when you have your car valued by us, whether online or at one of our dealerships, you’ll be asked a bit about your history with it, so we can help give you the right price. It also helps our dealers find you the best car for your needs.


Find out what else we offer on our website here:

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