Usher promotes the new Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG

May 2, 2013 • New Models, News

Usher promotes the new A 45 AMG

Usher - A 45 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG has the stately charm to appeal to older buyers, however its smooth bodylines and dynamic performance make it an irresistible option for younger buyers too. The vehicle’s slick credentials were recently accentuated by Usher, who took the car for a spin and was suitably impressed.

The Grammy award-winning singer called the A 45 AMG “absolutely cool,” and was impressed by its blinding pace and smooth performance, as well as its stylish good looks. The car driven by Usher was fitted with a four-cylinder turbo charged engine offering 360bhp, paired with a seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT transmission and all-wheel drive. It can reach speeds in excess of 120mph, and with a generous amount of torque it offers race car potential.

Usher - A 45 AMG

Usher has long been a fan of Mercedes-Benz, and he owns a sporty SLS AMG model. Mercedes-Benz has invited him to help to build an engine for the SLS AMG car, which is distinguished by its iconic gull-wing doors. The car currently has a V8 twin turbo engine capable of a formidable 583bhp.

The A 45 AMG is launching in the UK later on this year, and it is clearly one of 2013’s most anticipated cars. Any Mercedes-Benz acts as an instant style statement, and the latest A-Class will fuse traditional charm with contemporary athleticism to offer the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in registering your interest in the new A 45 AMG, please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz Retail Group. We can offer test drives at our showrooms, so you can get a taste of what the Mercedes-Benz experience is really like.

International pop superstar Usher visits Mercedes-AMG

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