Are you an urban hunter?

April 15, 2015 • Latest Reviews, Mercedes-Benz, New Models, News


The CLA Shooting Brake is inspired by two things: hunting and the urban lifestyle. The city and country have come together to create the urban hunter: dynamic, active and passionate. For them, space and style is essential, alongside something that adds a touch of luxury to their everyday life.

So how do you know if you’re an urban hunter?

You never miss a beat

You’re right where the action is, be it a party, a restaurant, or a busy meeting. You’ve got a dynamic lifestyle and like to keep your finger on the pulse. With the CLA Shooting Brake’s media display unit, your music collection is only a touch away, so you can listen to the latest tracks as you cruise the city.

You’re innovative and connected

You’re always on the lookout for the latest gadget or trend. You’re never without your phone, you want to be using the most up to date technology and you want it to work for you. That’s why the CLA Shooting Brake sets new standards for intelligent safety technology, such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS. If you’re preparing for a long journey, you can even use your smart phone to perform a vehicle check.

You arrive in style

You’re a trendsetter. Always the best dressed at a party, you know your high-end from your high street and you won’t compromise. Sporty at the front and powerful at the back, the CLA Shooting Brake has an elegant silhouette guaranteed to turn heads.

You’re prepared for whatever life throws at you

Whether you’re going to the gym, to the office or off on a weekend city break, you always have everything you need and more. You don’t want to feel the squeeze and with a large cargo compartment and spacious interior, you won’t. Plus, with a rear view camera, you’ll never be caught off guard when parking.

You’re quick off the mark

Nothing holds you back. You’re fast, efficient and don’t feel bound by the traditional ways of doing things. With KEYLESS-GO, you can open, start up and lock your car simply by carrying the key. Without wasting time faffing about with keys, you’ll be off on your next adventure before you know it.

You’re focused

You know what you want, and nothing’s going to put you off. You know where you want to be and you’re focussed on the destination. The CLA has got you covered with a dynamic and efficient engine. With a navigation system that includes live traffic information including detailed alternative routes, you will always get there the quickest and most efficient way.

As a busy urbanite, there’s nothing that can hold you back. You work hard and play harder so you need a car that’s going to accelerate you into the fast paced life. Test drive a CLA Shooting Brake today, after all, the urban jungle is waiting for you.

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