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It’s that time of year again, with temperatures heating up it is time to say goodbye to your winter wardrobe and welcome in the spring with bright colours and light linens, but what about accessories?

The automotive industry is no stranger to dazzling designs, sharp lines and chic interiors but changing your vehicle to suit the seasons isn’t for everyone, so we have put together the accessories trends for spring/summer 2015.

BIG wheels and fine details are in!

Complementing the summer tyre, light-alloy wheels are the automotive accessory of the season. Adding a touch elegance and a sporty feel, even compact models are getting in on the trend, with some opting for painted rim flanges and even two-tone in some cases.

Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of alloy wheels in a variety of dynamic designs, with some ranges extending to sizes as large as 21 inches. As with any accessory, it is important to ensure that you have the right style and size to suit both your personality and your car:

A-Class (also suitable for CLA and B-Class)
5-twin-spoke wheel, 45.7 cm (18-inch)
Surface: black, rim flange: red
CLA Shooting Brake (also suitable for A- and B-Class and CLA Coupé)
5-twin-spoke wheel, 45.7 cm (18-inch)
Surface: black, rim flange: high-sheen
5-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface: matt black, rim flange: red
10-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface: black, rim flange: high-sheen
5-twin-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface: matt black, high-sheen finish
GLE (also suitable for M-Class)
10-spoke wheel, 50.8 cm (20-inch)
Surface: matt black, high-sheen finish
10-spoke wheel, 50.8 cm (20-inch)
Surface: palladium silver
Multi-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface: palladium silver, high-sheen finish
10-twin-spoke wheel, 45.7 cm (18-inch)
Surface: black, high-sheen finish


Superficial or super safe?

All of this talk of fashion may seem superficial, but there is a large amount of testing and development behind all Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels to ensure they not only enhance the vehicle’s looks but also offer the highest level of safety.

All wheels are configured to each individual model to determine permissible loads and dimensions before undergoing extensive development, testing and endurance programme ensuring they not only meet but exceed the legal requirements.

High-sheen wheels are also subjected to additional tests, including highly corrosive elements such as salt-water spray, and a 28-day climate cycle to ensure they are worthy of inclusion in the range of genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels.

For further advice, or to have a browse of the alloys available, get in touch with your local Mercedes-Benz dealership today.

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