Safety always first with Mercedes-Benz

June 3, 2013 • Latest Reviews

Through its ongoing commitment to road safety, Mercedes-Benz is driving the innovative development of QR code technology to aid the rescue of accident victims.

In the future, the codes, read by smartphones and tablets, and normally seen in magazines to direct readers to specific webpages, will be placed on Mercedes-Benz cars. Each QR code will provide a rescue map for every vehicle type, with all the information necessary to rescue any injured occupants speedily shown on the device’s display.

The QR technology will make use of the existing rescue sheets developed by ADAC, the German Automobile Association, and which are already provided by all automakers for every vehicle.

The rescue sheets provide vital information to aid a rescue operation, including:

  • Vehicle design details for fire-fighters, police and paramedics
  • Location of the airbags, battery, fuel tanks, electric cables and high-pressure cylinders
  • Location of additional batteries and high-voltage cable for hybrid vehicles

Currently, if a driver were to forget to carry the rescue sheet or if it were not found in the case of serious accidents, rescue workers would have to identify the vehicle, which could lead to incorrect identification. Only a telephone inquiry based on the number plate would provide certainty.

The Mercedes-Benz QR codes circumvent this issue by automatically directing crews to the relevant website with the specific rescue sheet, saving valuable time. No action on the part of the driver is required.

In order to make the potentially lifesaving QR code easily accessible in an emergency situation, Mercedes-Benz will place one label on the fuel tank flap and the other on the B-pillar on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Waiving its right to patent registration, Mercedes-Benz has made this technology available to all automakers, as part of its focus on safety for all road users.

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