Rescue Assist, the latest in automotive safety technology.

October 24, 2014 • News

Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist

Innovative technology and safety solutions have always been a priority at Mercedes-Benz. The newest innovation is a system called Rescue Assist, consisting of a number of stickers being placed throughout the vehicle. These simple stickers feature QR codes containing key information such as make, model and specification, as well as a visual map showing the location of some of its most dangerous systems, including batteries, airbags, fuel tanks, high-pressure cylinders and electrical components.

Rescue Assist can save emergency services on average two minutes when they first arrive on the scene, saving precious time and reducing the risk for the attending crew.

Designed to be read by any smartphone or tablet, the system will be implemented across all new Mercedes-Benz models as standard, as well as retro-fits of the system being offered to all owners of Mercedes-Benz cars manufactured since 1990 free of charge to help increase road safety.

Craig Flannery, Learning & Development Manager at The Fire Service College commented: “We’d like to be in a position where all cars have QR Codes, simply because it’s going to reduce the amount of time taken to extricate the casualty, which in turn is going to improve survival rates.”

A simple solution with astounding potential, for further information about the features of this new technology, or how it can be fitted to your vehicle, please visit:


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