New Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

July 13, 2012 • New Models, News

The iconic Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is an outstanding car and is in no need for radical improvements. However this particular model has been around for quite some time now and Mercedes-Benz have taken this opportunity to give it a fresh new makeover.

The series of updates planned for the 2013 model, begin with a change in name for the car. It will now be called the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT and will be available in the usual ‘coupe’ and ‘roadster’ models.

Aesthetically the new model still retains the beautifully designed gullwing doors and stunning AMG forged alloys. A new gloss finish has been added to the car and a striking red colour scheme has been added to the break callipers, seat belts and floor mats.

To understand some of the more significant changes Mercedes have made to the SLS AMG, you have to look under the bonnet. AMG has added 20 more horsepower to the car, which now reaches a staggering 585 horsepower at 6,800rpm. The torque figures remain the same at 479 lb-ft, yet the cars newly improved software controls its transmission, which ultimately enhances its gear changing capabilities.

This extra power and aggressive gear shifting, means the 6.2-litre V8 can now achieve 0-60mph in an astounding 3.6 seconds (0.1 seconds faster that its elder counterpart) . At full speed the SLS AMG GT will hit 197mph and this is only limited by the onboard electronics.

If these statistics and images have wetted your appetite for a supercar, you only have to wait until October before it goes on sale. However at £161,601 for the coupe model and £171,300 for the roadster version, you may need to start saving the pennies.

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