New Mercedes-Benz GL-Class reviewed

September 20, 2012 • Latest Reviews, New Models, News

The brand new Mercedes-Benz GL-Class reviewed

Designed to handle everyday drives and all-terrain adventures with the same confidence and power, the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is a luxury SUV with presence and style. The sculpted body has a higher ground clearance and longer wheelbase for easier navigation on uneven surfaces, supported by the responsive air suspension, and the exterior is accented with chrome-look details and energy-saving LED lights. These features give the model excellent adaptability to different road and weather conditions, making it ideal for practically any journey.

On the inside, Mercedes-Benz has arranged the layout of the cabin with a clear focus on space and comfort. Each of the three plush fabrics available for the interior is both soft and durable, with plenty of trim options to give the cabin a more personal look. All of the primary functions and switches have been arranged logically, and within easy reach of the wheel for the driver’s convenience. The second and third rows of seats can be fully folded down, creating an even larger amount of storage space in the back, and with every seat up the GL-Class will easily transport seven adults.

The impressive performance that the GL-Class displays is provided by one of the three petrol and diesel engines available for the model. When fitted with the V8 petrol version and 7G transmission, the vehicle can power from 0-60 in just 6.5 seconds, ideal for getting up to speed on the motorway and major roads. The GL-Class also boasts a top speed of around 149mph, and some of the best fuel economy and efficiency for an SUV of its class. Mercedes-Benz also intend to release the SUV as a hybrid, offering drivers a model that runs on greener electric power and produces minimal emissions.

Mercedes-Benz has included a wide range of safety features within the GL-Class as standard, to keep everyone inside the cabin fully protected. Six fully surrounding airbags are built into the body of the SUV, and the vehicle’s Pre-Safe® technology works with the electronic traction and braking assistance systems to prevent an incident on the road. In the event of an impact, the three-point seatbelts with active head and neck restraints keep passengers securely in place.


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