New A-Class Mercedes-Benz Voted New Car of the Year

February 25, 2013 • News

The A-Class is already the ‘New Car of the Year’, as chosen by AM magazine

AM magazine - New Car of the Year

At this month’s AM Awards, the sought-after ‘New Car of the Year’ award was presented to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The model’s revolutionary My Dash system also took home the prize for ‘Best Digital Initiative’ on the night.

The car was already highly anticipated across Europe before the awards – more than 90,000 pre-orders have been received across the continent since books opened at dealerships. It’s been glimpsed at international motor shows, and a strong campaign to launch the model combined online and offline events. With the win, even more drivers are expected to choose the A-Class as their next new car.

Available in three and five-door versions, the latest update to the A-Class is provided with new turbocharged engines. It’s sportier in both looks and performance, and it upholds the five-star safety rating from EuroNCAP that previous versions enjoyed.

The CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz UK, Marcus Breitschwerdt, said of the award: “This is a significant win that reflects not only our investment in innovation but also our commitment to listening to existing and potential customers and giving them exactly what they want.  We have an exciting year ahead for the new A-Class, and this is a great start.”

The first deliveries of the model to excited European customers started in January, and the A-Class is now available to order from authorised dealers. It’s also been revealed that the car is shortlisted for Car of the Year, with the result expected in March.

To choose the Mercedes-Benz A-Class today, contact us at your closest Mercedes-Benz Retail Group dealership –

A-Class Interior

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