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April 8, 2015 • Mercedes-Benz, New Models, News

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We’re entering a paperless age of car ownership; the tax disk has become automated and the paper counterpart of our driving licenses will be scrapped in June. We’re doing our bit for the environment and ensuring there’s less clutter to lose, but what are the benefits besides, you ask?


Well, Mercedes-Benz has taken the automation of all things car admin to the next level exploring the full potential of paperless. There’s a lot to think about when owning a car, maintenance, break-down management and the like, but with Mercedes me, your car can do the thinking for you.


An exciting new on-line service encompassing a range of personal mobility, connectivity, service and finance offerings, Mercedes me allows you to link up your digital life seamlessly with your new Mercedes-Benz. Whether it’s alerting you to your next service or updating you on the latest Optional Remote Online services, including route planning, a parked vehicle locator or vehicle tracker, Mercedes me is one automated process with you in mind.


As the UK’s largest official retailer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Retail Group has a range of models compatible with Mercedes me to view, and the expertise to best advise you on how to make the most of them.

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