Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concept

September 5, 2012 • New Models, News

Mercedes-Benz models have a reputation for style and elegance, with a dynamic shape that’s recognisable from every angle. In naming their new concept car the Aesthetics S-Class, and claiming that the latest version is inspired by several previous S-Class vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has clearly stated its intention to make it the most attractive vehicle in its range to date – and yet the manufacturer is also choosing to keep its cards close to its chest for the time being.

The model has been teased and previewed as a relief sculpture, in advance of the 2013 Paris Motor Show. The sculpture is the fourth that Mercedes-Benz has used as a preview, following the “Aesthetics No.1” from 2010 and both “Aesthetics No.2” and “Aesthetics 125” in 2011. In profile, the flowing lines and curves are instantly recognisable from the artwork, and hints of more prominent wheel arches and more defined body contours can be glimpsed from the sculpture’s ridges and grooves.

At the Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz intends to further preview the concept car with specially created light projections, presenting the relief to attendees in a three-act production and highlighting the key points of the new vehicle. However, the Aesthetics S will still not be completely unveiled in Paris, with the manufacturer choosing to keep the model under wraps for a few more months. The chances of the new vehicle being unveiled in China during the upcoming motor show in Shanghai are extremely high, as Mercedes-Benz has found that the S-Class is a big seller in the Chinese market.

Should the new Aesthetics S go into full production, there’s every expectation that it will be offered with the same range of efficient engines as the current S-Class, with an innovative hybrid version on the horizon, and that the model’s standard equipment will be upgraded to include the latest Mercedes-Benz technology.

All eyes are on Paris for the next glimpse of the Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S – expect to see more images and video from the exclusive light show later this month. The car won’t be making an official debut at the show, so make the most of this short glimpse whilst we wait for the scheduled 2014 release.

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