Mercedes-Benz QR Code Safety Innovation

August 8, 2014 • News

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its tradition of developing innovations that improve the safety of the people in our cars. Among the latest of these safety technologies to originate with the brand is the Rescue Assist: QR Rescue Codes programme. But why is this important and how can a QR code save lives? 

Mercedes-Benz QR Code Safety Innovation

Rescue Assist: QR Rescue Codes on Mercedes-Benz cars

By adding a QR code to all new Mercedes-Benz cars, and offering to retro-fit the code to any second-hand Mercedes-Benz built from 1990 onwards, we are able to aid the emergency services when they respond to a serious accident. The QR code is able to provide instantaneous access to crucial data about the cars’ safety information, as is usually included in a rescue card. This means that rescue workers with a smartphone can simply scan the QR code inside the door opening or behind the fuel-filler door to bring up an x-ray picture of the car, with instructions that pinpoint the best places to use a hydraulic cutter.

“Electronic access by means of a QR code enables Mercedes-Benz to support in the rescue of accident victims,” explained Christian Treiber, Director, Service & Parts for Passenger Cars at Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts. “The sticker is easy to retrofit to second-hand cars. So this safety benefit is something we can offer not just to owners of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

Due to the significant safety benefits that can result from the use of QR code technology, Mercedes-Benz has waived its right to make a patent application so that other car manufacturers are free to adopt the technology as well.

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