Mercedes-Benz, a festival favourite

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Last weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, two legends proudly celebrated the 60th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s significant Mille Miglia win from the golden year of 1955.

The excitement centred on the all-time great Sir Sterling Moss and the engineering masterpiece, the original Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR racing car 722.

Tens of thousands of spectators were treated to Moss skilfully attacking the hill climb, with the SLR’s 302 horsepower engine transporting the crowd back to the Brits historic victory.

Only 9 of the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR were ever built, making an additional display of 6 of the distinctive original vehicles a truly memorable sight for all.

Also representing Mercedes-Benz was the current F1 title contender Nico Rosberg. Tackling the hill climb, Rosberg went flat out in his 2013 grand prix car in an outstanding display of power and control.

To Rosberg’s surprise after exiting his car, he was serenaded by the hordes of spectators for his 30th birthday, another truly memorable moment of the festival!

From spectacular moments to spectacular vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz pavilion put on an impressive display of engineering prowess. With the AMG GT taking centre stage supported by, amongst others, the luxurious new S-Class Coupé, the agile A45 AMG and the impressively powerful G500 4×4, there really was something for everyone.

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