Mercedes-Benz Beltbag Seat-belts

September 2, 2012 • News

Mercedes-Benz to amplify the safety of its 2013 S-Class models with Beltbag seat-belts that inflate on impact

The new Mercedes-Benz inflatable Beltbag seat-belt, due to feature in the 2013 S-Class models, looks set to vindicate the company’s strong reputation for maximising the safety of its drivers and passengers. Whilst manufacturers often focus their efforts on occupants in the front of the car, the Mercedes-Benz Beltbag seat-belt ensures that passengers in the back seats are equally secure.

The Beltbag seat-belt mechanism is simple but effective. When the vehicle’s crash sensors detect a forceful frontal impact, the inflatable Beltbag seat-belts are activated, after which a gas generator causes the belt straps to expand to almost three times their ordinary width. The larger surface area is then able to distribute the impact of the crash, reducing the risk of injury to the seat occupant and helping to protect the ribcage. The belts feature Velcro seams in order to accommodate this sudden expansion, and Mercedes-Benz’s choice of gas, instead of pyrotechnics, helps to keep passengers from getting burned.

To reduce the impact of a crash for your entire party, the inflatable Beltbag seat-belts are positioned in the rear of the car, as occupants in the front seats are already protected by airbags, which provide a supplementary restraint system. This means that all of the car’s occupants receive enhanced protection in the case of an accident, and is testament to Mercedes-Benz’s focus on its clients’ wellbeing.

Whilst inflatable seatbelts can often be uncomfortable, the Mercedes-Benz Beltbag seat-belt’s Velcro seams and inflatable edges are softer than normal, and this provides added comfort and enhances the feeling of security for passengers. Far from being an inconvenience, the Mercedes-Benz Beltbag seat-belt functions like a conventional belt, so not only does it provide added protection, it’s also a pleasure to wear.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of the Beltbag seat-belt, the Mercedes-Benz security experts use virtual human models for testing. These innovative computer-generated models enable a testing method that is more realistic than standard dummy measurement technology, and provides detailed information on the bio-mechanical strain to the body caused by a crash. As such, Mercedes-Benz’s safety devices are able to function to an exemplary standard, improving security for you and your family throughout the drive.

To find out more about safety at Mercedes-Benz, and the new inflatable Beltbag seat-belt, visit their webpage:

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