Mercedes-Benz premieres three new models at LA Motor Show 2012

December 28, 2012 • New Models, News

LA Motor Show World Premieres

World-class design and technology defines the recent new model premieres from Mercedes-Benz at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2012. Three innovative models were revealed: the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series, a smart fortwo electric drive customised to impressive effect by fashion designer Jeremy Scott, and a one-time-only Ener-G-Force vehicle inspired by the impressive pedigree of the Mercedes-Benz G?Class.

The SLS AMG Coupé Black Series remains one of the most striking and sophisticated models in the Mercedes-Benz range, both inside the plush cabin and under the bonnet. Inspired by the racing version of the SLS AMG GT3, the Black Series model boasts a breathtaking design and even better dynamics. Its consistent lightweight construction means it glides over the asphalt effortlessly: its kerb weight is just 1.55 tonnes, so it’s around 70kg lighter than the SLS AMG – an amazing power/weight ratio of 2.45kg/hp. The gullwing model explodes from 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds, powered by its AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine that produces 631bhp at 7400rpm. It promises an unashamedly thrilling ride, thanks to the AMG high-performance ceramic composite brake system, light alloy wheels with newly-developed sports tyres and AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission.

The Ener-G-Force interprets the genetic makeup of the G-Class – dating right back to 1979 – and interprets it for the future automotive market with cool design. This daring off-roader concept vehicle combines the sleek G-Class look with hefty wheels and power to keep it going through all conditions. The concept is an exciting example of how vehicles in the future could combine raw power and aggression with solid eco credentials. Key elements of the eye-catching design include headlamps in the shape of the letter G and a terrain mapper on the roof that ‘reads’ the landscape ahead and adjusts the suspensions accordingly. Perhaps most excitingly, it’s powered by a hydrogen engine that would ideally have a range of over 500 miles. It’s a bold proposition – but a sensational one if it ever came to fruition.

The third premiere at the LA Motor Show was the smart forjeremy, a bespoke smart fortwo developed for fashion designer Jeremy Scott. The intriguing and unmistakable design incorporates Scott’s trademark ‘wings’ design, which double as avant-garde rear lights. The electric car’s interior impresses with a fresh white getup, permeated by elegant chrome detailing. Excitingly, the design is set to be launched as a special limited-edition model in the near future. 


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