Keeping your Mercedes-Benz in prime condition.

July 24, 2015 • Uncategorized

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There’s nothing better than that ‘new car feeling’ and with a well looked after Mercedes-Benz that sensation shouldn’t ever fade. Keeping your car in tip-top condition is easy with our range of Service Care options and now it’s easy to keep on top of your motoring maintenance with our Mercedes me app for your smartphone or tablet. This app includes access to services such as Mercedes connect me providing communication between yourself, your vehicle and your Mercedes-Benz service centre.

Once you know your car is healthy on the inside, you can focus on beautifying the outside; after all, it’ll be your stunning exterior catching everyone’s eye. Keeping your car clean may seem quite straightforward, but your Mercedes-Benz deserves first-class treatment, that’s why we’ve put together a few handy hints on how to keep your car in showroom condition.

– Opt for a hand wash rather than an automated one as hand washing your vehicle allows for a more thorough and careful clean

– Wash your car regularly and be quick to remove any dirt, particularly bird mess to avoid erosion of the paintwork

– Check the ingredients of your car cleaning products and avoid detergents as they can damage your paintwork

– Remember to wash the underside of the car as this area can easily get clogged up with dirt and grime, especially in the winter months

– Manually drying your car will also ensure you aren’t left with water marks

– Don’t forget to apply a layer of wax to your vehicle as this helps to protect the paintwork from scratches with regular application

– Check your tyres regularly, removing stones and any other items that may become lodged within the tread as this may cause the tyres to rupture

As well as these handy tips, Mercedes-Benz also offers a range of after sales products for cleaning and maintaining your vehicle. If you would like to find out more about how to keep your Mercedes-Benz in showroom condition, visit your local dealership who will be happy to help you find out more.

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