How do I choose my Mercedes-Benz new car?

December 23, 2014 • New Models, News

New Mercedes-Benz cars







The Mercedes-Benz model range has expanded rapidly in recent years and continues to grow. By 2020, we will have more than 30 models on the market worldwide.


To make it easier for customers to choose between the different models and variants, Mercedes-Benz has simplified its vehicle nomenclature. The new system comes into force in January 2015. Here’s a quick summary:


  • The model designation will always be an acronym made up of between one and three upper-case letters.


  • The five core model series, A, B, C, E and S, will continue to be used.


  • All SUV models will be given a GL prefix, with a third letter indicating the core model it is based on. This means, for example, the current GL will become GLS and the ML will be renamed GLE. The G-Class is unchanged.


  • On four-door coupés, the first two letters, CL, denote the origin while the third letter links to one of the core model series.


  • From 2016 all roadsters will include SL in their names to denote their origin, with the third letter again the link to the core model. The SLK, therefore, becomes the new SLC. As with the G-Class, the SL-Class retains its original designation in recognition of its iconic status.


  • Engines are also being given shorter and clearer designations. The boot lids of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will in future feature lower-case letters, whose meaning is as follows: ‘c’ for compressed natural gas; ‘d’ for diesel; ‘e’ for ‘electric’; ‘f’ for fuel cell; and ‘h’ for hybrid. As has been the case until now, there will be no suffix for petrol models.

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