Mercedes-Benz: The Future of Hybrid Tech and EVs

July 9, 2014 • hybrid car, New Models, News

The Future of Hybrid Tech - Mercedes-Benz

At Mercedes-Benz the strategy being adopted towards utilising electric power in our cars is multi-faceted. With a range of E-Cell vehicles and compact two-seaters, such as the smart fortwo electric drive, Mercedes-Benz has constantly sought to evolve its offerings of environmentally conscious, efficient cars that deliver performance, comfort and convenience.

The recent launch of the new C-Class provided a perfect opportunity to map-out our future strategy, which will focus on generating a greater uptake of plug-in hybrids, explained the head of development, Thomas Weber.

“We believe that for C-Class upwards, the only way to go as we near 2020 and beyond is plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). We will have a plug-in S-Class in September, and later in the life cycle of the C-Class we will have one too.” Mercedes Rear-wheel Architecture (MRA) is designed to accommodate PHEV technology and Weber explained “MRA will make it possible for us to go for plug-in hybrids across the range.” There will also be a hybrid version of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class estate, the C300 BlueTec Hybrid.

With these new additions to the Mercedes-Benz range that are able to benefit from the clean energy of electricity, Weber remains confident that Mercedes-Benz will be able to meet our target of bringing its fleet average CO2 emissions down to 100g/km by 2020.

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