Mercedes-Benz F1 Tech Centre will Develop Road Cars

June 27, 2014 • New Models, News

Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains is the facility in Brixworth, Northamptonshire, responsible for the hybrid 1.6-litre V6 powerplants used by the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. It has now been confirmed that Mercedes-Benz is to make greater use of the engine development facility for its road car projects.

Head of Development at Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Weber, said he foresaw more road car development work at the facility: “In combination with AMG there are some new ideas of how we can work together. Now with this really qualified team of engineers [at Brixworth], I have some ideas to conduct some of the advanced engineering studies and advanced development activities, and maybe also the production of high-end models.”


While Weber avoided specifics regarding the kind of road car projects Brixworth might work on, it would be logical if the facility’s expertise in high-powered hybrid powertrains was put to use. Brixworth has already been responsible for powertrain development on the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Electric Drive and earlier this year, AMG boss Tobias Moers admitted that exploiting Brixworth’s know-how was a tantalising prospect. “The guys in Brixworth pulled down the shutters and closed the curtains for a year and a half because they were working on the new F1 rules,” he said, “but now they are open again. We have had a good relationship with them before and now this hybrid technology is something that we can start looking at.”


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