The Ener-G-Force: Mercedes’ pioneering off-roader for the future

December 5, 2012 • New Models, News

Mercedes has unveiled its new concept SUV, the Ener-G-Force, which is set to revolutionise its class. Building on, but ultimately revolutionising, the appearance of Mercedes-Benz’s 33-year-old G-Class SUV, this new seven-seat off-roader is making waves with its pioneering, innovative technology.

The Ener-G-Force is a hydrogen-powered SUV, described as the “highway patrol car for the future”, which fully demonstrates the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells as a viable transportation method for the future.

Bold in design, the Ener-G-Force is powered by fuel cells, which generates hydrogen from recycled water stored in tanks on the vehicle’s roof. The hydrogen used by the fuel cell generates electricity, which is then channelled to electric motors located in each of the vehicle’s wheel hubs. Because of this, the Ener-G-Force boasts an astounding operational range of more than 500 miles.

The vehicles water tanks are also fully equipped with innovative topography sensors, which change the suspension of the vehicle to suit the terrain it encounters, ensuring a much more comfortable journey.

The Ener-G-Force is as bold in looks as it is in its technology. Gone are the G-Class’s iconic angular lines – Mercedes-Benz’s new SUV features 20-inch wheel rims and sweeping, flowing lines, with rounded grilles and roof-mounted, dominating emergency lights. It’s hard to ignore the dominating design and size of the Ener-G-Force, an all-terrain SUV designed with the future specifically in mind.

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