A Good Day To Die Hard stars an incredible 14 Mercedes-Benz cars

February 14, 2013 • News

2013 is set to be a good year for Mercedes-Benz, and potentially the brand’s big Hollywood breakthrough – this February, no less than 14 of its cars will take starring roles in the latest Die Hard movie.

Die Hard 5 - Mercedes-Benz

The fourth instalment of one of the most iconic film franchises ever is released on Valentine’s Day – but don’t expect rom-com slush when you head to the cinema. The film brings action hero John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) back to help his wayward son Jack in Russia, marking the first time that a movie in the franchise has been set away from America. As with any Die Hard, the plot is never that simple, and the pair soon find themselves battling against new enemies. Promotions for the new movie are in full swing; as the new setting is the city of Moscow, an apt pun on McClane’s catchphrase, “Yippee Ki Yay, Mother Russia”, has been chosen as the film’s tagline.

Die Hard 5 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has provided a wide range of its models to appear alongside Willis on screen, and the heavy product placement for the brand doesn’t detract from the action. Each model looks gorgeous and confident, as if it was built to be owned by a movie hero from the very beginning. The G-Class, C-Class, GL-Class and E-Class Saloon all feature in the film, and can all be chosen from Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the UK, after you’ve seen them on high-speed car chases and avoiding well-timed explosions. Specialist models, including the Unimog heavy-duty vehicle and the Sprinter van, make cameos supporting the hero as only high-class utility vehicles can, and the brand new G 63 AMG also gets a close-up. Four vehicles are key to the plot of the film and play a larger part: the G-Class, Unimog, Sprinter and Zetros off-roader confidently save the day for McClane.

The manufacturer will be present at two European premieres for the film, in London and Berlin, and is running a special “A Good Day To Drive Hard” promotional game on its website. If you want to see John McClane back in the thick of it – and maybe even see a Mercedes-Benz steal his limelight – head to your local cinema from February 14 to watch “A Good Day To Die Hard”.

Die Hard 5 - Mercedes-Benz

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