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Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy 2013/2014; Winter Sporting

Winter Driving Tips

December 17, 2015 • Driving Tips, Mercedes-Benz, NewsComments (0)

As we delve deeper into winter, our roads become more challenging, whether it’s wind, heavy rain or even snow. Here are our top tips for dealing with the British weather.   Prepare before you leave Make sure your tyres have a good amount of tread and your car is properly maintained before you head out,...

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Heads Up

Eyes on the road! Our heads up display

November 3, 2015 • Driving Tips, Mercedes-Benz, New Models, NewsComments (0)

The most important thing a driver can do to stay safe on the road is to give it their complete attention, but so many of the newest innovations mean...


Premium cars top list of most stolen – don’t let your Mercedes-Benz be one of them

April 2, 2015 • Driving TipsComments (1)

        UK car thieves are increasingly targeting prestigious models including Mercedes-Benz, with the C-Class and the E-Class...

The Budget - SLK

Put a Spring in your step with a Mercedes-Benz Approved Used convertible

March 26, 2015 • Approved Used, Driving Tips, NewsComments (0)

              It’s now officially Spring, marked by longer days, that first threat of sunshine, and the...

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse. S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID (V222), 2014

Hit the road with Mercedes-Benz

February 19, 2015 • Driving TipsComments (0)

              Are you itching for an opportunity to take to the open road in your Mercedes-Benz? Perhaps you’re...

Driving in winter weather

Winter weather woes

January 28, 2015 • Driving TipsComments (0)

              The UK experienced its first widespread bout of winter weather last week, closely followed by...

Driving in floods

Top tips on driving in floods

December 17, 2014 • Driving TipsComments (1)

        The risk of flooding is greater at this time of year, more than 60% of UK drivers say they would still risk an accident...

pot hole

Things that go bump in the night

October 31, 2014 • Driving TipsComments (0)

Never mind Halloween ghouls and ghosts, one of the scariest things facing drivers at this time of the year is hitting a pothole while driving in the...

winter tyres

Winter tyres – are they worth it?

October 28, 2014 • Driving TipsComments (0)

A debate that always comes round at this time of year is whether it’s worth fitting winter tyres to your car. In European countries that experience...

Caravan safety for mercedes benz

Top 10 tips on towing a caravan safely

October 20, 2014 • Driving TipsComments (1)

Many families will be going on holiday in a caravan during the upcoming half-term break. Several Mercedes-Benz cars such as the E-Class Saloon,...