What do you call your car?

December 9, 2014 • News






Does your Mercedes-Benz have a name? If it does, you’re not the only car owner to have christened your vehicle.

Four out of ten drivers have given their car a name, according to a new survey. The findings reveal that half of the women had named their car compared to a third of men.

The poll, conducted on behalf of the AA Driving School, also found that young drivers aged 18 to 24 were by far the most likely age group to have named a car with a huge seven out of ten having done so, compared to just 30% of drivers aged over 65.

Of those drivers who have named a car, 30% said they decided on a moniker based on the car’s registration number. The second most popular way for choosing a car’s name was by picking a name that ‘seemed to suit the car’s personality’. And a romantic few (1%) said they named their car after their partner or spouse.

Other popular ways cited by respondents to the survey for choosing a car name were based on the make or model of the car (16%), its colour (8%), picking a name they liked (8%), naming it after a celebrity (1%) or their children (1%).

Some of the more popular names given were: Bertha, Fred, Bessie, Babe or Baby, The Beast, and names starting with ‘Little’ or ‘Old’ – for example, Little Beauty or Old Gal.

So, what is your Mercedes-Benz called?

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  1. Kaity says:

    I’m looking for a good name for my 2013 c250

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