September 6, 2013 • Latest Reviews, News

The winner of a Mercedes-Benz Retail Group social media competition, Dave Presland from Bristol got the opportunity to drive the stunning C 63 AMG and enjoy the 6.2-litre V8 thanks to Mercedes-Benz Birmingham Central.

Here’s what he thought!

“After a long week at work and a bank holiday Friday drive from Bristol to Birmingham, I was handed the keys to a C63 AMG Coupé. The first thing you notice? The looks. The AMG styling makes the car look aggressive and understated at the same time.

“You know you’re expecting fireworks, but nothing prepares you for starting the car and hearing the soundtrack from the exhaust. What a noise! Where’s the nearest tunnel?

“Having read about the power and the size of the engine, I was expecting to be scared, yet the power delivery is effortless. When you press the loud pedal, it’s like the Starship Enterprise going into warp speed. Everything outside starts to blur, despite the calm inside. My two-year-old daughter was fast asleep in the back!

“With two young daughters, you can’t spend the whole day ‘just driving’, so off to the Forest of Dean we went. On the motorway it was a comfortable cruiser, but once onto the A roads and into sports mode it was a monster! Before you know it, you’re Lewis Hamilton, clipping every apex. The car handles so well, it’s stable and turns in so easily.

“Of course if you’re going to have a car like this for the weekend, you need to take it places to be seen. And there’s nowhere better than cruising through the streets of Bath. Sure, listening to the noise reverberate off the buildings is childish, but you have to hear it to believe it.

“The only problem I found? Now I want one! In the words of my five-year-old daughter, ‘it’s fantastic!’ Thanks very much to Mercedes-Benz Retail Group for organising the competition and Mercedes-Benz Birmingham Central for providing the car for the weekend.

“It was a weekend of driving I’ll never forget.”

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